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Oak savanna ecosystem restoration with grazing and fire are compared at 3 sites in Southern Wisconsin.

Browsing for conservation: Springtime forage value of midstory shrubs of degraded oak savannas in southern Wisconsin

Abstract: Oak (Quercus spp.) savanna is a rare and dwindling ecosystem primarily due to the clearing of vast areas for agriculture and encroachment of woody midstory shrubs in the remnant areas. There is interest in introducing controlled grazing to re-open these ecologically sensitive semi-wooded areas. We report the forage quality and diet selection [...] More »

Responses of Shrub Midstory and Herbaceous Layers to Managed Grazing and Fire in a North American Savanna (Oak Woodland) and Prairie Landscape

Worldwide, savanna remnants are losing acreage due to species replacement with shade-tolerant midstory forest species as a response to decades of fire suppression. Because canopy closes grasses and other easily ignitable fuels decline, therefore, fire, when reintroduced after years of absence, is not always effective at restoring the open structure original to these communities. Our [...] More »

Using Cattle to Reduce Oak Savanna Understory Shrub Abundance: Stocking Rates and Weight Gains

Here, grazing is being tested to reduce shrub density and it may also serve as potential method to increase species diversity within the opened areas.  This paper discusses stocking rates and animal performance on oak savanna plots. Authors: Janet Hedtcke, Joshua Posner, Martha Rosemeyer published in the Proceedings of the 19th North American Prairie Conference Aug 8-12, [...] More »

Education and Outreach Activities for the Oak Savanna Restoration Project

Education and outreach was an integral component of this project. The educational objectives included raising awareness of the importance of the oak savanna ecosystem and providing information on the possible value of managed (rotational) grazing as a tool in restoring degraded oak savanna. The intended audience for the outreach activities included local and [...] More »

Insect Diversity in Oak Savanna Remnants: A Survey of Insects

This study intends to measure the influences of burning and/or grazing on a specific insect habitat guild, saproxylic insects. Author: Devin Biggs More »