Archive | 2nd Technical Report (1992)

A summary of the 1992 cropping season with focus on root health, weed control, soil nutrient budgets, and economic analysis.

Arlington Research Station and Lakeland Agricultural Complex - 1992 Report

Combined site report of 1992 season on the WICST project.  The agronomic calendar for each site is also provided. Authors: A. Wood, P. Ehrhardt, T. Mulder, J. Posner More »

A Survey of Soil Macroarthropods associated with Corn in Alternative Cropping Systems

WICST provides a unique laboratory for examining the ecological ramifications, both short and long term, of different approaches to farming and philosophies of land stewardship.  Much of the ecological ‘action’ will take place in and on the soil, and will be related to the health of the soil as measured in chemical, physical, and biological [...] More »

Nematode Communities in WICST - 1992

The Arlington and Lakeland sites of WICST were sampled in July and in September to determine the influence of three cropping systems on the composition of nematode communities: continuous corn (R1), soybean-corn (R2), and soybean/winter wheat-red clover/ corn (R3).  Soil samples collected at two depths were assayed for nematodes using an incubation procedure.  Nematodes were [...] More »

Farming Systems and Root Health

The issue of the rotation effect in corn-based rotations is of great practical and economic importance for Midwest farmers.  It is also of crucial significance in the development of sustainable farming systems.  Unfortunately, our understanding and acceptance of the rotation effect has generally lagged behind the phenomenon, partly because we don’t understand how it works. Author: [...] More »

Preliminary Corn Root Health Studies

Abstract: Roots were sampled from corn plants following corn (Rotation 1) and corn following red clover/wheat (Rotation 3) at the Arlington Research Station and Lakeland Agricultural Complex. These samples were analyzed for root discoloration, root density, and colonization by Pythium. Roots from the June 9 sampling at Lakeland did not differ in severity of [...] More »