Archive | 3rd Technical Report (1993)

A summary of the 1993 cropping season with themes of soil health & life, cover crop research, and general agronomic trials

Arlington Research Station and Lakeland Agricultural Complex - 1993 Report

This report is a combined across WICST sites for the 1993 season.  Also provided is the agronomic calendar for each site. Authors: A. Wood, P. Ehrhardt, T. Mulder, J. Posner More »

Residue Decomposition Following Corn in Three Cropping Systems: 1993 Results

To characterize the influence of crop rotation on residue decomposition, a litter bag study was initiated on WICST during 1993.  It has been suggested that enhanced efficiency of lower input systems is due to increased soil biological activity resulting in a more rapid decomposition of residue and improved nutrient retention.  Our hypothesis was that the [...] More »

A Survey of Soil Macroarthropods associated with Corn in Alternative Cropping Systems - 1992

WICST provides a unique laboratory for examining the ecological ramifications, both short and long term, of different approaches to farming and philosophies of land stewardship. Much of the ecological ‘action’ will take place in and on the soil, and will be related to the health of the soil as measured in chemical, physical, and [...] More »

Descriptive and Analytical Characterization of Soil Health and Quality for WICST

Our soil health initiative was started in 1990 in response to farmer expression of a need for more research in the area of soil health and biology.  The initiative coincided with increased scientific attention on methods to monitor and assess soil quality at the national and global level.  Investigations into the nature of soil health [...] More »