Arlington Agricultural Research Station - 2012 Report

The 2012 growing season was preceded with an extraordinarily dry and mild winter. Winter wheat and alfalfa stands were in excellent condition coming out of winter. Likewise, plants from terminated alfalfa stands (i.e. sprayed out or tilled last fall) were a reoccurring weed in this year’s corn phase: Several plots had to be re-tilled with the field cultivator multiple times to bury green biomass. Throughout the growing season of 2012, crops and livestock endured extreme heat and drought. Springtime seemed to arrive early with temps reaching near or above 80 degrees for 8 days in March. Heat and growing degree units remained above average all season with 35 days above 90◦F, twice the number of days over 90 degrees as in 2011 and the hottest year on record. However, rainfall was consistently below the long-term average all season…more in pdf

Author: J. Hedtcke