Organic No-Tillage Winter Rye-Soybean Systems: Weed Community Dynamics

We conducted research in 2008 and 2009 near Arlington, Wisconsin to determine the effects of a winter rye cover crop for no-tillage organic soybean production on weed management and the weed community dynamics relative to a tillage-intensive approach (plowing, tine weeding, and cultivation). Our specific objectives were to determine the effect of rye management (tilling, crimping, and mowing), soybean planting date (mid-May or early June), and soybean row spacing (19 or 76 cm) on weed emergence, weed suppression (density and mass), and weed community structure (species diversity, richness and evenness) and assembly (species composition). Treatment effects on soybean yield, economic gross margins, soil loss, and soil quality are summarized elsewhere in this report.

Author: Emily Bernstein, Dave Stoltenberg, Josh Posner , Janet Hedtcke