Lakeland Agricultural Complex – 2002 Report

As in past years, weather extremes in 2002 defined the growing season at the Walworth County Farm. Total growing season rainfall ended near the long-term average, but a cool wet spring and prolonged dry period in June and July greatly influenced crop growth and development. Spring field activities began late in 2002 due to a […] More »

Lakeland Agricultural Complex- 2001 Report

2001 was rather uneventful in terms of weather. Field activities began on schedule. Growing degree days for April, May, and June were slightly above the 30-yr average. Most of the spring rainfall in April and May was evenly distributed across the month causing little problems at planting. Uneven rainfall distribution in June and July were […] More »

Arlington Agricultural Research Station – 2000 Report

2000 was a normal year for crop growth and weed control. Weed control worked out as planned in all the plots. Both chemical and mechanical weed control was done in a timely manner for effective control over the weeds. The weed seed bank continues to build up in the CS3 plots. As we stated last […] More »

Preliminary Report on Developing Sampling Proceedures and Biodiversity Indices Soil Biodiversity Project, 1996

Do cropping systems that vary in complexity have different degrees of biodiversity? Our multidisciplinary team has been working to address this question as it applies to cropping systems common in Wisconsin. Previous studies addressing this issue are of limited value because they focused on a single taxon, had inadequate sampling procedures (i.e., a single date, […] More »

Arlington Agricultural Research Station – 1994 Report

Agronomic calander, yields, and weather summary from the 1994 season of WICST. Author: A. Wood, D. Mueller, T. Mulder, J. Posner More »