Certified Organic Grain Strips – 2006

This report shows the 2006 field operations and other agronomic information by phase on the certified organic acreage at the Arlington Research Station. More »

Certified Organic Grain Strips 2005

This report shows the field operations for organic grain systems for each phase of the rotation in 2005 at both Arlington Research Station (ARS) and Michael Fields Agricultural Institute (MFAI). More »

WICST Yield Summary Table 1992-2002

The pdf file is a table of corn, soybean, wheat, alfalfa and pasture yield data for both the Arlington site and the Lakeland Ag Complex site.  The data is the mean of 4 reps and spans from 1992-2002. More »

WICST Project – System Descriptions

Does greater cropping system diversity mean greater environmental soundness? WICST set out to answer this question: Can we reduce purchased chemical inputs and negative environmental impacts of agriculture by using more diversified cropping systems, and can these cropping systems be productive and profitable as well as environmentally sound? How can we find out? WICST has […] More »