Economic Analysis of WICST – 1992-2000

The 1999 and 2000 economic analysis for the Wisconsin Integrated Cropping Systems Trials (WICST) will be added to the previous years of data going back to 1992. It will again summarize results from the Lakeland Agricultural Complex (LAC) and Arlington Agricultural Research Station (ARS). It will compare the three cash grain cropping systems, CS1, CS2 […] More »

1992-1998 Economic Analysis of the Wisconsin Integrated Cropping Systems Trial

The 1998 economic analysis for the Wisconsin Cropping Systems Trials marks a new approach to evaluating the systems. In the past, the economic analysis has been compiled by different economists and agronomists that evaluated the data a year at a time. This year’s evaluation uses a more consistent process over 1992-1998 for Cropping Systems (CS) […] More »

WICST economic analysis -1996

Despite the lower crop yields resulting from adverse planting season weather conditions, the 1996 economic analysis for the WICST experiment continues to show a level of profitability for the lower input systems comparable with those of the higher input systems (see Tables 1a-2b). In particular, cropping system 3 (CS#3; corn\soybean\wheat\red clover) continues to have gross […] More »

WICST economic analysis 1990-1995

Summary of gross margins on WICST at both Arlington and Lakeland through 1995. Author: R. Klemme More »