WICST yield summary 1995-2012 at Arlington (most recent)

This table provides annual yield data for each crop in WICST at the Arlington Research Station. More »

Superimposed Manure Additions on WICST Plots at Lakeland Ag Complex

Manure additions were superimposed onto the existing WICST plots at LAC to measure environmental and production impact on the following corn phase. Authors: Jim Stute, Joshua Posner More »

Arlington Agricultural Research Station – 2006 Report

The 2006 season was excellent for grain and forage production. Frequently and timely rainfall benefited most crops for most of the season, though the onset of hot summer temperatures and dry weather in mid-July during corn pollination was probably the cause of reduced seed set on the cobs. Soybeans produced some of the highest yields […] More »

Arlington Agricultural Research Station – 2005 Report

Although May rainfall was close to the long term average (3.4″), both April and June were very dry (25 to 36% of normal). These conditions resulted in poor red clover establishment in the CS6 pastures (drilled April 9) as well as the alfalfa underseeded with oats (CS5 drilled April 14). Corn grain however, did well […] More »

Arlington Agricultural Research Station – 2004 Report

2004 will be remembered as a very cool season with ample moisture. Although the winter and early spring were again below average in precipitation, rainfall in May was record breaking (3x the norm at 10.3″). The weather conditions were difficult on crop establishment (there was standing water on the Northeast end of the trial well […] More »

Arlington Agricultural Research Station-2002 Report

Summary of the 2002 growing season. Authors: Janet Hedtcke and Dwight Mueller More »

Arlington Agricultural Research Station-2001 Report

Summary of the 2001 growing season Authors: Janet Hedtcke and Dwight Mueller More »

WICST Yield Summary Table 1992-2002

The pdf file is a table of corn, soybean, wheat, alfalfa and pasture yield data for both the Arlington site and the Lakeland Ag Complex site.  The data is the mean of 4 reps and spans from 1992-2002. More »

Lakeland Agricultural Complex – 2002 Report

As in past years, weather extremes in 2002 defined the growing season at the Walworth County Farm. Total growing season rainfall ended near the long-term average, but a cool wet spring and prolonged dry period in June and July greatly influenced crop growth and development. Spring field activities began late in 2002 due to a […] More »

Lakeland Agricultural Complex- 2001 Report

2001 was rather uneventful in terms of weather. Field activities began on schedule. Growing degree days for April, May, and June were slightly above the 30-yr average. Most of the spring rainfall in April and May was evenly distributed across the month causing little problems at planting. Uneven rainfall distribution in June and July were […] More »